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  • Material safety and buyer beware
  • Great places to buy a vibrator

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Hi! My name is Ginger Segreti. My mission is to explore sexuality in a safe and supportive environment; to demonstrate that women can be both frisky and adventurous while also being professional and successful.

I went to college, got married, managed the corporate world and felt miserable most of the time. I spent years building a façade-only allowing myself to be the good-girl part of me that I thought was appropriate. I denied myself as a woman.

Now, I’m authentic. I accept and honor my entire being and work to bring about an acceptance and love of self to the world.

Hi! My name is Poppy Bello-Hamilton. I partnered with Ginger to create Ginger’s Tips! I can speak from personal experience that Ginger is a fountain of knowledge! I’ve learned so much from her!

I know it can be scary to have a conversation about what is working (and what is not working) in the bedroom -- but I encourage you to join us! My sex life (by myself and with my husband) has improved greatly based on her tips!

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